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Hosted by Tera Johnson, we talk to a wide range of stakeholders about what it really takes to grow a successful food business.

The Raboins From Brix Cider

“This podcast is incredibly inspiring and helpful to aspiring, new and seasoned entrepreneurs. A must-listen for anyone looking to start a new food business.”

Marie Raboin, Brix Cider

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Helping You Through the Economic Downturn
Helping You Through the Economic DownturnUncategorizedMarch 23, 2020applies-to-all-business-models
How Food and Farm Businesses Can Survive This Pandemic
How Food and Farm Businesses Can Survive This PandemicBusiness Models, Financial Management, Operations, Raising CapitalMarch 23, 2020business-models financial-management operations raising-capitalapplies-to-all-business-models
The Importance of Getting New Food Products ‘Retail Ready’
The Importance of Getting New Food Products ‘Retail Ready’Business Models, , , February 24, 2020business-modelsnational-wholesale-brand regional-wholesale-brand small-direct-local-food-brand small-food-startups
Innovation and Differentiation Drive Success for Century Sun Oil
Innovation and Differentiation Drive Success for Century Sun OilBusiness Models, , February 6, 2020business-modelsregional-wholesale-brand small-direct-local-food-brand value-added-agriculture
How Rural Food Businesses Can Thrive—and Revive Communities
How Rural Food Businesses Can Thrive—and Revive CommunitiesBusiness ModelsJanuary 24, 2020business-modelsnational-wholesale-brand
Generating Income In A Small Diversified Vegetable Farm
Generating Income In A Small Diversified Vegetable FarmBusiness ModelsJanuary 5, 2020business-modelsvertically-integrated-business-model
Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirt – Creating a Diversified Agritourism Business
Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirt – Creating a Diversified Agritourism BusinessBusiness Models, November 29, 2019business-modelsagri-tourism horizontally-integrated-business-model
Franchising Food Businesses With Jason Schleip
Franchising Food Businesses With Jason SchleipOperations, Sales and Marketing, , October 23, 2019operations sales-and-marketinghorizontally-integrated-business-model regional-wholesale-brand small-food-startups
How SAGE revitalizes agriculture near cities
How SAGE revitalizes agriculture near citiesLegal, , September 5, 2019legalcsa food-hub small-food-startups
Visualizing The Food System With Kitchen Sync Strategies
Visualizing The Food System With Kitchen Sync StrategiesOperations, August 15, 2019operationsfood-hub manufacturing-processing
“Rolling Up Your Sleeves” – How KTC Does Effective Food Business Consulting
“Rolling Up Your Sleeves” – How KTC Does Effective Food Business ConsultingFinancial Management, Operations, , , August 1, 2019financial-management operationsagri-tourism food-hub manufacturing-processing value-added-agriculture
Hospital-Based Farming - A Bridge To Community Health And Wellness
Hospital-Based Farming – A Bridge To Community Health And WellnessBusiness Models, Operations, July 3, 2019business-models operationscsa food-hub
Transforming a Food Pantry into an Engine for Rural Prosperity
Transforming a Food Pantry into an Engine for Rural ProsperityBusiness ModelsJune 11, 2019business-modelsshared-use-kitchen
Leveraging Plant Based Foods For Rural Prosperity
Leveraging Plant Based Foods For Rural ProsperityOperationsMay 23, 2019operationsvalue-added-agriculture
The Chesterhill Produce Auction: A Catalyst For Produce Producers
The Chesterhill Produce Auction: A Catalyst For Produce ProducersSales and Marketing, May 9, 2019sales-and-marketingfood-hub value-added-agriculture
At Evolve Brands, Strategy is Everything
At Evolve Brands, Strategy is EverythingSales and Marketing, April 23, 2019sales-and-marketingmanufacturing-processing national-wholesale-brand
Fair Food Network
How The Fair Food Fund’s Patient Capital Yields Great ImpactRaising CapitalMarch 21, 2019raising-capitalapplies-to-all-business-models
Tim Keane Golden Angels Investors
Tim Keane On Golden Angels Investors’ Funding PhilosophyRaising CapitalMarch 7, 2019raising-capitalapplies-to-all-business-models
Joel Solomon Renewal Funds
Joel Solomon On How Food Businesses Can Be Part Of The Clean Money RevolutionRaising CapitalFebruary 7, 2019raising-capitalapplies-to-all-business-models
Peter Robertson Of RPs Pasta
Peter Robertson of RP’s Pasta On Managing Growth And Changing With The ConsumerOperations, Sales and MarketingJanuary 24, 2019operations sales-and-marketingnational-wholesale-brand
Willy Street Co-Op
Ownership Differentiates Willy St. Co-op In A Changing Grocery MarketBusiness ModelsJanuary 10, 2019business-modelsretail-grocery-cooperatives
Ron Williams Junior
This Food Hub Leverages A Diverse Food Shed For A Resilient FutureOperationsNovember 29, 2018operationsfood-hub
Funky Fresh Spring Rolls
Food Entrepreneurship and Resilience – A Funky Fresh Take With Trueman McGeeOperations, Sales and Marketing, , October 18, 2018operations sales-and-marketingregional-wholesale-brand small-direct-local-food-brand small-food-startups
ReGrained, A Business Model For The Long Term And The PlanetBusiness Models, Operations, Raising Capital, September 25, 2018business-models operations raising-capitalmanufacturing-processing national-wholesale-brand
Marketplace Strategy Logo
Grow Your Food Brand On Amazon, If You Constantly OptimizeOperations, Sales and Marketing, September 6, 2018operations sales-and-marketingnational-wholesale-brand regional-wholesale-brand
Ephrata National Bank
How A Bank Can Strengthen Farming Communities Through Innovative LendingFinancial Management, Raising Capital, , August 23, 2018financial-management raising-capitalcsa manufacturing-processing value-added-agriculture
Apple Orchard - Brix Cider
How This Hard Cider Business Is Learning From “The Struggle”Operations, Raising Capital, July 19, 2018operations raising-capitalmanufacturing-processing regional-wholesale-brand
Great Basin Food Co-Op
Growing A Successful Retail Food Co-op By Meeting Your Member’s NeedsFinancial Management, OperationsJune 21, 2018financial-management operationsretail-grocery-cooperatives
Old Fort Market Gardens
The Farmer Education Continuum In The Colorado MountainsBusiness Models, Operations, , , June 7, 2018business-models operationsagri-tourism csa food-hub value-added-agriculture
Tribe 9 Foods
How Tribe 9 Foods Balances Economies Of Scale With A Changing MarketplaceBusiness Models, Raising Capital, May 24, 2018business-models raising-capitalmanufacturing-processing national-wholesale-brand
Angela Mavridis Of TRIBALÍ Foods On Resonating With Your TribeBusiness Models, Sales and Marketing, , May 10, 2018business-models sales-and-marketingmanufacturing-processing national-wholesale-brand vertically-integrated-business-model
Union Kitchen
How Union Kitchen’s Ecosystem Helps Build Profitable Food BusinessesBusiness Models, Raising Capital, Sales and Marketing, , , April 19, 2018business-models raising-capital sales-and-marketingregional-wholesale-brand shared-use-kitchen small-direct-local-food-brand small-food-startups
Misty Farmstead
Value-Added Producer Grants With Jim GageRaising Capital, , , April 5, 2018raising-capitalcsa food-hub manufacturing-processing value-added-agriculture
Keewaydin Farms
Rightsizing The Ship: A Farmer’s Tale of Scaling DownBusiness Models, Operations, , March 22, 2018business-models operationscsa food-hub value-added-agriculture
Know Brainer
Scaling Innovative Food Products At The Right TimeBusiness Models, Raising Capital, March 8, 2018business-models raising-capitalnational-wholesale-brand regional-wholesale-brand
Cogent Consulting Impact Investing Ecosystem
Impact Investing In Regenerative AgricultureRaising CapitalFebruary 16, 2018raising-capitalvalue-added-agriculture
Seal The Seasons Blueberries Berry Blend
How Seal The Seasons Matches Mission With ScaleOperations, Sales and Marketing, , , February 1, 2018operations sales-and-marketingfood-hub manufacturing-processing regional-wholesale-brand shared-use-kitchen
Top Note Tonic
How Top Note Tonic Pivoted Beverage Categories and Understood Their MarketBusiness Models, Sales and Marketing, January 18, 2018business-models sales-and-marketingnational-wholesale-brand regional-wholesale-brand
Mobcraft Brewery And Taproom
MobCraft Beer’s Creative Sourcing of Recipes and FinancingBusiness Models, Raising Capital, Sales and Marketing, , January 4, 2018business-models raising-capital sales-and-marketingmanufacturing-processing national-wholesale-brand regional-wholesale-brand
Madison Sourdough Dave Lohrentz
Growing Madison Sourdough Intentionally Through Vertical IntegrationBusiness Models, December 21, 2017business-modelssmall-direct-local-food-brand vertically-integrated-business-model
Underground Food Collective
Jonny Hunter Of Underground Food Collective On Thinking Bigger in the Food SystemBusiness Models, Raising Capital, Sales and MarketingDecember 7, 2017business-models raising-capital sales-and-marketinghorizontally-integrated-business-model
Clare And Matt Quince And Apple
A Steady, Slow Growth Path For Quince and Apple’s Niche DominationBusiness Models, Raising Capital, Sales and Marketing, , , November 22, 2017business-models raising-capital sales-and-marketingmanufacturing-processing national-wholesale-brand regional-wholesale-brand small-direct-local-food-brand
Love The Wild Box
How Love The Wild Built A National Brand For Frozen Farmed FishBusiness Models, Raising Capital, Sales and Marketing, November 16, 2017business-models raising-capital sales-and-marketingnational-wholesale-brand regional-wholesale-brand
Financial Management For Food Businesses
Refining Your Processes and Building Great Financial Packages For Your Food BusinessFinancial Management, OperationsNovember 2, 2017financial-management operationsapplies-to-all-business-models
Wisconsin SBDC
Building Great Financial Systems For Your Food BusinessFinancial ManagementOctober 20, 2017financial-managementapplies-to-all-business-models
Flavor Temptations
Food Business Brands Evolve With The ConsumerBusiness Models, Sales and Marketing, September 29, 2017business-models sales-and-marketingnational-wholesale-brand regional-wholesale-brand
Rural Business Investment
The Capital Conundrum of Rural Economic DevelopmentRaising Capital, September 11, 2017raising-capitalmanufacturing-processing value-added-agriculture
Midwestern BioAg
Midwestern BioAg and the Business of Biological FarmingOperations, August 21, 2017operationscsa value-added-agriculture
FaB Wisconsin
New Product Development and Rollouts For National Food and Beverage Brands: A ProcessOperations, Sales and MarketingAugust 15, 2017operations sales-and-marketingnational-wholesale-brand
FEED Kitchens
Shared-Use Kitchens And Their Tenants: A Shared Path to Financial SustainabilityBusiness Models, July 19, 2017business-modelsshared-use-kitchen small-food-startups
Considering Manufacturing In-House? Waste Can Be A Resource That Improves Your Food Business’ Bottom LineOperations, July 7, 2017operationsmanufacturing-processing vertically-integrated-business-model
LBW Wealth
How Much Is My Company Worth? Company Valuations With LBW Wealth ManagementRaising CapitalJune 24, 2017raising-capitalapplies-to-all-business-models
SBA 504 Loans with Diane Byler of WBDRaising Capital, , June 9, 2017raising-capitalmanufacturing-processing national-wholesale-brand vertically-integrated-business-model
Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative
Food Hubs with Tara Roberts-Turner of the Wisconsin Food Hub CooperativeBusiness ModelsMay 19, 2017business-modelsfood-hub
Farm Credit
Farm Credit and Value-Added AgricultureFinancial Management, Raising Capital, May 5, 2017financial-management raising-capitalcsa value-added-agriculture
The Conscious Carnivore
Black Earth Meats Evolves Into Conscious CarnivoreBusiness Models, April 20, 2017business-modelsmanufacturing-processing value-added-agriculture
Black Earth Meats
Biological Farming and Human Scale MeatBusiness Models, April 7, 2017business-modelsmanufacturing-processing value-added-agriculture
A Food Business Model Journey with Leanne CordiscoBusiness ModelsMarch 21, 2017business-modelsvertically-integrated-business-model
Summit Credit Union Logo
Working With Credit Unions Like Summit Credit Union To Grow Your Food BusinessRaising CapitalMarch 6, 2017raising-capitalapplies-to-all-business-models
Working With Alternative Lenders like WWBIC To Grow Your Food BusinessRaising Capital, February 17, 2017raising-capitalsmall-direct-local-food-brand small-food-startups
Gorilly Goods
Getting All The Way to a Strategic Investment In Your Food CompanyBusiness Models, Raising CapitalFebruary 2, 2017business-models raising-capitalnational-wholesale-brand
UW Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic
What’s In a Name? Trademark Protection for Your Food or Beverage BrandLegal, Operations, Sales and MarketingJanuary 19, 2017legal operations sales-and-marketingapplies-to-all-business-models
Looking Over Legal Documents
Running the Gauntlet: Leveraging Legal Rights and Regs in Craft Beer StartupsLegal, Operations, , January 5, 2017legal operationsmanufacturing-processing national-wholesale-brand regional-wholesale-brand
Legal Documents
Formation Documents, Raising Equity, and Protecting RecipesLegal, Operations, Raising Capital, Sales and MarketingDecember 2, 2016legal operations raising-capital sales-and-marketingapplies-to-all-business-models
Creme de la Coulee
Growing An Artisan Cheese Company By Selling Direct to ConsumersBusiness ModelsNovember 17, 2016business-modelssmall-direct-local-food-brand
Building Yumbutter Into a National Nut and Seed Butter BrandRaising CapitalNovember 7, 2016raising-capitalnational-wholesale-brand

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