Raising Equity is designed to help companies make their business model investible, start assembling their financial package request, and develop a game plan to successfully raise debt and equity.

Raising Equity is right for you if:

  • You are planning to grow your business and need guidance and the right business model to successfully do so
  • You know you will need to raise money but are unsure which sources are the best fit
  • You need to raise money but are unaware of what an investor or bank expects from you

This course will get you:

  • A plan for raising debt and equity
  • An investment-worthy business model
  • An investor-ready financial package
  • Tools and resources to assist with your journey of raising money

This fast-paced immersion training includes individual consulting and business pitches — taking entrepreneurs out of their day-to-day operations and giving them the focused time they need to think about their business.

Included In This Course Are:

  • Business model benchmarks to help you gauge the state of your business.
  • Tools and Templates such as proforma and forecasting templates, our trusted and tested pitch deck, and more!
  • The list. Tera’s financial review checklist that shows you what documentation you need to prepare to approach a bank or investor for a serious financing ask.
  • Access to FFI Director Tera Johnson through one-on-one consulting support on your specific business during the course.
  • Business Pitch Practice. You will deliver and receive feedback on your business pitch.

Upcoming Training Sessions

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Meet Your Instructor

Raising Equity is hosted by FFI Director, Tera Johnson who founded teraswhey® and is the host of the Edible-Alpha® podcast. Tera has personal experience in being an entrepreneur, raising money, launching a national brand, and selling a company. She has taken this personal experience and her experience working with 100s of clients, and crafted this course to help scaling food businesses fix their business models to make them investment-worthy and understand the process for and documentation needed to finance their growth.

“It took a sound financial package and a sophisticated strategy to raise the $14 million necessary to start teraswhey®. Together, we will create a plan to fund and finance your business.” – Tera Johnson

Edible-Alpha® Immersion Trainings are multi-day events limited to ten businesses or less that combine learning, focused work time, individual consulting, and business pitches. They are designed to take you out of the day-to-day operations of your business and to encourage focused, strategic business development.