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National Wholesale Food Brand

National Wholesale Brands Business Model Optimization Report

12 page Paid report with proforma financials by Edible-Alpha®

This report provides everything you need to successfully launch and finance a profitable national food brand, including proforma financial statements and best practices in business strategy, brand/product management, sales/distribution/operations, financial benchmarks and capital structure.

Should Your Brand Self-Manufacture?

10 minute read of Free article by Edible-Alpha®

Most food entrepreneurs will inevitably face the question of whether to self-manufacture or use a co-packer. For many, this comes after their business takes...

Connoils Scales from One-Woman Op to One-Stop Shop

41 minutes 17 seconds Free course content by Edible-Alpha®

Stacy Peterson, founder and CEO of Connoils, joins Tera to discuss growing her oil ingredients company from a one-woman operation to a booming international business with a new 25,000-square-foot facility.

Podcast about Business Models for businesses that are Growing and Scaling

The Secret to Building a Resilient Business

The COVID-19 pandemic threw a massive wrench that few food and farm businesses saw coming. Entrepreneurs barely had time to accept that this crisis was real and raring to hit the U.S. before it sent them scrambling to navigate its ramifications for their businesses. Whether their primary sales channel evaporated overnight or demand for their […]
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Huddle Notes from March 1st, 2021

10 minute read of Free article by Edible-Alpha®

The huddles this month focused on climate change impacts on communities, food prices going up around the world, and the niche areas of our industry.

How to Keep Farmland in Farmers’ Hands

10 minute read of Free article by Edible-Alpha®

According to USDA’s 2017 Census of Agriculture, the average age of the American farmer is 57.5, up from 56.3 in 2012. What’s more, a...

Meadowlark Organics Forges Path to Farm Ownership

1 hour and 2 minutes of Free podcast by Edible-Alpha®

Tera and John Wepking discuss Meadowlark Organics’ farm transition journey, from securing the first loan to buy breeding cattle to building the infrastructure to mill organic small grains on-site, all under the mentorship of an experienced farmer.

Podcast about Raising Capital for businesses that are Growing and Scaling

VAPG Update: Deadline Extended to May 4th

The 2021 USDA Value Added producer Grant offers a unique opportunity for farmers to complete for planning and working grant funds – both in...

The Nuts and Bolts (and Benefits) of Scenario Planning

53 minutes 39 seconds Free course content by Edible-Alpha®

Scenario planning expert Eric DeLuca joins Tera to discuss this critical tool for scaling food and farm businesses. By mapping out plausible future stories, entrepreneurs can brace themselves for uncertainty and navigate disruption successfully.

Podcast about Business Models for businesses that are Growing and Scaling

Can Your Business Afford to Overlook Amazon?

10 minute read of Free article by Edible-Alpha®

Yeah, selling food on Amazon takes a lot of work. Yeah, there are fees involved and algorithms to figure out and rule changes to...