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Measure What Matters In Your Context

10 minute Free read by Edible-Alpha®

Quantitative measurement of key business drivers brings focus and clarity to what can be a chaotic process of entrepreneurship and provides direction that proves to be a north star during times of trial.

Article about Operations for businesses that are Pre-Venture | Startups

Visualizing The Food System With Kitchen Sync Strategies

1 hour of Free audio by Edible-Alpha®

Kitchen Sync gets different people at the table – including the private sector – using the right language to invite everyone in to a problem solving and solutions-based session that meets their values and needs, rather than trying to change minds about those fundamental concepts. In bringing those people to the table, they are also better able to visualize and communicate the multitude of actors it will take to improve the food system for the long term.

Podcast about Operations for businesses that are Pre-Venture

“Rolling Up Your Sleeves” – How KTC Does Effective Food Business Consulting

1 hour of Free audio by Edible-Alpha®

The heart of Kitchen Table Consultants' work is one-on-one coaching with food and farm clients, but as their work has grown they have started helping other organizations provide better technical assistance. Rather than just make plans or recommendations for clients, it is critically important to their firm’s mission and values that they “roll up their sleeves” alongside the clients to help them implement their recommendations.

Podcast about Operations for businesses that are Startups | Growing and Scaling

All Organizations – Food Pantries Included – Can Innovate On Their Business Model

10 minute Free read by Edible-Alpha®

The business model is the sum of all the things that ensures the organization sustainably makes money and delivers on its core products, services and mission. What many food entrepreneurs don't often realize is that innovation comes not just in the form of new products or services, but also in their business model.

Article about Business Models for businesses that are Pre-Venture | Startups


Cash Is Like Oxygen

25 minutes of Free video by Project Nosh

The reason to pay attention to cash flow is that when cash goes away from you it really starts to hurt in ways that maybe you didn’t anticipate. Brands must always have realistic forecasts for sales, revenue and growth.

Video about Financial Management for businesses that are Growing and Scaling

Hospital-Based Farming – A Bridge To Community Health And Wellness

55 minutes of Free audio content by Edible-Alpha®

The farm isn’t just a physical location that grows produce - it is part of a commitment by the hospital system to extend healthcare and wellness beyond the hospital campus and empower the community to lead healthier lives. They operate a CSA, a farmers market, community events and a Product To Patients program.

Podcast about Operations for businesses that are Startups

Forecast Templates

Paid forecast templates by Edible-Alpha®

These helpful templates help you build your financial projections, including, your sales and distribution forecast; cost of goods sold (COGS) and other expenses forecasts; capital expenditures forecasts; and your accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP) and inventory forecasts. These projections can help inform your proforma financial statements.

What is Intellectual Property, Anyway?

5 minute Free read by Pie Shell

Patents, branding, and copyright...  If you want to protect something, or to stop someone from doing the same thing that you’re doing in your food business, the only way to do that in the United States (and abroad) is through IP law. An IP attorney will help you ensure that no one has made it before, branded it in a similar way to yours, or created it before you did.

Books or Guide about Legal for businesses that are Pre-Venture | Startups

An in-depth look into FSMA and FDA reform that will impact business

1 hour of Free video content by New Hope Network

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is a complicated sweeping reform of the way food safety is regulated. This video series outlines the history, reasoning and goals behind the legislation and what your business has to do to properly comply.

Video about Legal for businesses that are Growing and Scaling | Pre-Venture | Startups

Market Research Might Disprove Your Assumptions

10 minute Free read by Edible-Alpha®

Sometimes certain products or certain classes of products make more sense in certain markets than others. For example, heavy or perishable food items make less sense to sell online due to the shipping costs and logistics involved. But unconventional markets could make sense if location or customer data suggests it is a good idea.

Article about Sales and Marketing for businesses that are Pre-Venture | Startups