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Our courses help you and your clients get up to speed about everything you need to know to build and fund a profitable food business. Take them at your own pace as a stand alone mini-course or in junction with our other trainings. Learn more about our Premium Subscription to unlock everything Edible-Alpha® has to offer.

What Your Food Business Business Financial Statements Are Telling You Online Course

What Your Food Business Financial Statements Are Telling You On-Demand Course

2 hours of Paid course content by Edible-Alpha®

This course provides a review of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement from the perspective of lenders/investors and from the perspective of making management decisions about your business.

Fearless Farm Finances (The Book And Online Videos)

5+ hours of Free video (Book is Paid) by Edible-Alpha®

The updated Fearless Farm Finances 2nd Edition is a one-of-a-kind resource packed with instructions, tips and tools for setting up and managing a farm's financial system. Fearless Farm Finances covers farm financial management, farm data collection/organization, farm investment analysis, enterprise budgets, annual budgeting, business structure decisions, and more.

Books or Guide about Operations for businesses that are Growing and Scaling

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