Huddle Notes from May 3rd, 2021

The huddle this month focused on what’s going on in agriculture and a look at alternative packaging options and recycling initiatives. Listen to the recording here.

Talking Points

  • Agriculture
    • Dairy: Horizon Milk – building out a 5,000-cow operation in Indiana to create a more efficient grassfed milk business model
      • Canceling their contracts with small farms with only a 30-day notice throughout the Upper Midwest causing implications such as dumping milk, selling cows, switching to beef…
    • Indoor Ag: Is multi-level indoor ag the way of the future? Not just greens but potentially livestock in multi-level buildings. Energy costs will determine this.
      • Dubai is investing in an indoor ag business park
      • Technology for indoor farming projected to hit $40.25B in 2022
    • Commodity prices are still up, if it remains on the same track, pricing pressure likely to start hitting consumers in 2022.
  • Restaurants
    • Opening back up again but tied completely to the state of COVID-19
    • NYC is opening up to 75% capacity
  • Packaging – alternate options & recycling initiatives
    • Betterbin: helps people figure out how to dispose of compostables and recyclables properly in their area
    • Loll Designs: making contemporary high-end patio furniture out of milk jugs
    • Pratt: Second largest private company in Australia, $4B in sales, 100% recycled corrugated cardboard
    • FedEx: Launching a reusable packaging initiative
    • AlterEcho: Utilizing a plant-based squeeze pouch
    • BOSS Foods: compostable wrappers around their bars
    • Celestial Seasonings: the way they package by not including a string keeps 3.5M pounds of material out of the landfill per year
    • Other: Pop-up bowls for prepared oatmeal, glass bottles with vegetable inks, milk powder film (plastic replacement), etc.
  • Functional Foods – supplements & food
    • Putting serious


  • Fauci: We may never reach herd immunity in the US due to the variants and reluctancy of getting the vaccination | NY Times Article

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