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Accounting, cash flow management, and financial projections. We help you understand the key drivers of your financial performance and cash flow needs so you can ensure successful operations.

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Building Great Financial Systems For Your Food Business

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From the entrepreneur's perspective, the most important thing when using an accounting package is to ensure accurate setup and data entry so that they are able to produce accurate financial statements. While entrepreneurs need to understand their financial statements and financial drivers, they can often outsource some accounting work.

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Calculating Your Cash Flow

Cash Flow Basics (For Farmers)

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Tight cash flow can be challenging, even for the most experienced grower. For a beginning farmer, however, a cash flow crunch can quickly become a disaster. An annual cash flow projection is a very useful tool for a farm. You plot out on a month-by-month basis when cash income will be received and when cash expenses will need to be paid.

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Paul Dietmann

Paul Dietmann on Setting Your Farm Up for Financial Success

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The single most important thing to do when starting a farm is to create a month-by-month cash flow projection. In the short term, cash flow is much more critical than profitability, because if cash flow is negative, the farm cannot survive once cash runs out. Profitability comes into play when the farmer is ready to retire or pass it on to the next generation.

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Pricing Through Distribution Worksheet

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Food and Beverage producers should always work backwards from the selling price to determine the wholesale price. Sometimes both retailer and distributor margins can be lower in certain competitive product categories and in large scale conventional distributors and retailer. However, it is difficult to sustain at a Gross Margin Contribution of less than 35%.
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Fearless Farm Finances (The Book And Online Videos)

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The updated Fearless Farm Finances 2nd Edition is a one-of-a-kind resource packed with instructions, tips and tools for setting up and managing a farm's financial system. Fearless Farm Finances covers farm financial management, farm data collection/organization, farm investment analysis, enterprise budgets, annual budgeting, business structure decisions, and more.

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Consultant With Tablet

Communicate Your Financials Well to Raise Capital

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As more and more consumers demand healthy, natural and free-from foods and as more capital and technical assistance is made available for new and innovative brands, the brands that survive will be the ones who take their communication about their financial position (and other metrics like store velocities) seriously.

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Farm Credit

Farm Credit and Value-Added Agriculture

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The farm credit system includes many lending organizations around the country and is a great source of financing, including for non-traditional farmers like CSAs and value-added on-farm processors. These institutions also sometimes provide educational opportunities around financial literacy, financial statements and what it takes to successfully repay a loan

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Weekly Cash Flow Forecast Template

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Cash is not the same thing as net income, and most food companies burn up more of their cash on their balance sheet than on their income statement. This template helps model projected cash flow to help businesses properly manage cash.
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