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Horizontally Integrated Business Model

A horizontally integrated local food company is a company that reaches financial sustainability in a local market by developing a series of interrelated food businesses that share common a common brand, administrative services and marketing. Examples of horizontally integrated local food companies include:

• A deli, bakery, caterer and a catalog company.
• A caterer, two restaurants and a wholesale food company.
• A series of restaurants, each set up as an individual entity with a common investor entity that provides shared administration and marketing services to the portfolio restaurants.

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Horizontally Integrated Local Food Brand

Horizontally Integrated Local Brand Business Model Optimization Report

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This report provides everything you need to successfully launch and finance a profitable horizontally integrated food brand, including proforma financial statements and best practices in business strategy, business structure, brand platform, operations/quality assurance and a realistic financial model.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit – Creating a Diversified Agritourism Business

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In Edible-Alpha® podcast #56, Tera speaks with Mary Ann Bellazzini from Campo Di Bella winery, farm and farm-to-table restaurant. Campo Di Bella is a...

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Franchising Food Businesses With Jason Schleip

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Franchisers make money through initial franchise fee for setup costs, controlling product sales (by buying product, then selling to the stores after marking it up), and royalties, which come off of top line sales of the franchised business in return for the support and process development of the franchiser. This is often the biggest source of income for franchisers.

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Underground Food Collective

Jonny Hunter Of Underground Food Collective On Thinking Bigger in the Food System

1 hour & 30 minutes of Free audio by Edible-Alpha®

Jonny Hunter of the Underground Food Collective talks about his wish that values around local and sustainable food could be used to create systems that have scalable efficiencies that are affordable to consumers. He advocates for working together to build and sustain the infrastructure that would support processing and other means to scale up the local food system.

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Pricing Through Distribution Worksheet

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Food and Beverage producers should always work backwards from the selling price to determine the wholesale price. Sometimes both retailer and distributor margins can be lower in certain competitive product categories and in large scale conventional distributors and retailer. However, it is difficult to sustain at a Gross Margin Contribution of less than 35%.
PoSaNa Investor Showcase Presentation

poSaNa Example Investor Pitch Presentation

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poSaNa organics is a manufacturer of best-in-class gluten-free cooking and baking mixes wholesaling to grocers and retailing directly online. This pitch deck is an example of an optimized pitch deck template to successfully raise money and communicate the company's business model.

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Underground Food Collectivevideo

Underground Food Collective’s Horizontally Integrated Business Model

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Jonny Hunter of the Underground Food Collective talks about his company's horizontally integrated business model and the efficiencies of sharing a common a common brand, administrative services and marketing across multiple related business entities through shared ownership, experienced management and shared consumer insights.

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