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The impetus behind Food Hubs tends to come from groups of people in communities that are seeking to create more scale for their local food initiatives. Farmer’s markets and CSA’s have demonstrated demand for local foods, but they have not been sufficiently scalable to serve larger customers. This has led to the desire to create mechanisms for aggregation, the idea being that a Hub could aggregate production from multiple farms to serve the needs of larger customers, whether they be large retailers, food service distributors, schools or other institutional buyers. Many initiatives are being implemented around the country, with many different services being offered to farmers and many different go-to-market strategies and business model paths.

There are cross-docking brokerage food hubs, which act as a sales agent and organizes its suppliers to consolidate shipments at a central facility without holding inventory. There are stocking distributor food hubs that purchase large quantities (typically pallet or truckload quantities) at wholesale prices from a wide range of suppliers, hold them in inventory, and then sell and transport smaller quantities of a range of products to a wide variety of smaller retail and/or food service businesses.

Old Fort Market Gardens

The Farmer Education Continuum In The Colorado Mountains

55 minutes of Free audio by Edible-Alpha®

The Old Fort at Hesperus' team sees farming education as a continuum where different people are best served by discreet programs, depending on their interests and stage of development. Their sustainable agriculture program includes an educational garden internship, a farmer-in-training program, and market garden incubator.

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Misty Farmstead

Value-Added Producer Grants With Jim Gage

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While the VAPG grant can be complicated (for example, a 75 page application plus Business Plan and third-party Feasibility Study), it requires applicants to critically consider expansion of the customer base and the marketplace for products as well as demonstrate how they will have sufficient business structures, profit and cash flow to operate in the long-term.

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Keewaydin Farms

Rightsizing The Ship: A Farmer’s Tale of Scaling Down

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This hub discovered that the bigger the business got, the more money it lost and that moving aggregation functions off of the owner's farm caused the operation to be less efficient at that level of sales. The owner chose to contract the business to focus on getting profitable and repaying existing suppliers.

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Seal The Seasons Blueberries Berry Blend

How Seal The Seasons Matches Mission With Scale

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Seal The Seasons began production in one of the partitions of a shared-use commissary kitchen facility where they installed an Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) production freezer, later partnering with a co-packer in 2017 and almost doubled their gross margin contributions as a result, passing more money to their farmer suppliers.

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Adding Value to Farm Products: The Legal Issues

26 pages of Free report content by Farm Commons

The decision to add a value-added line is a serious one. There is no single set of laws that apply to value-added products and no single definition of a value added product. Instead, each law may have its own specific definition. This guide helps you to navigate what to look for in terms of legal implications when you are adding value to your products.

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Calculating Your Cash Flow

Cash Flow Basics (For Farmers)

11 minute Free read by Compeer Financial

Tight cash flow can be challenging, even for the most experienced grower. For a beginning farmer, however, a cash flow crunch can quickly become a disaster. An annual cash flow projection is a very useful tool for a farm. You plot out on a month-by-month basis when cash income will be received and when cash expenses will need to be paid.

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Organic Agriculture Wisconsin

Organic Agriculture in Wisconsin: 2017 Status Report

44 pages of Free report content by University of Wisconsin-Madison

According to data from the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), Wisconsin had 1,334 organic farms in 2015, nearly doubling over the last 10 years. Wisconsin remains the second state in the nation in total number of organic farms, second only to California. Wisconsin ranks third behind California and Montana in the number of organic acres.

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Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative

Food Hubs with Tara Roberts-Turner of the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative

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Due to its business model, Wisconsin Food Hub Co-op needed to reach at least $3.3 million in sales to break even. To maintain their margins, they built capacity through adequate staffing and have cheap warehouse space close to their farmers which serves only cooling and aggregation/distribution functions, rather than other forms of value-added processing.

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Fearless Farm Finances (The Book And Online Videos)

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The updated Fearless Farm Finances 2nd Edition is a one-of-a-kind resource packed with instructions, tips and tools for setting up and managing a farm's financial system. Fearless Farm Finances covers farm financial management, farm data collection/organization, farm investment analysis, enterprise budgets, annual budgeting, business structure decisions, and more.

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