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Your Source For Financial Training And Resources For Making Money in Food

The bar for growing successful food businesses is higher than ever before.

Our in-person and online trainings help food entrepreneurs like you get profitable and capital ready by helping you develop:

  • A realistic and clear business model path,
  • Financial systems that will stand up to scrutiny,
  • A credible business plan with realistic assumptions, and
  • A digital financial package to support your fundraising.

Having The Right Resources Can Mean The Difference Between Food Business Success and Failure

Edible-Alpha® includes both free and premium (paid) resources developed by our authors as well as resources from others that are curated and vetted by people working in the trenches to build and fund profitable food businesses. Quickly and easily find the resources you need to grow your business.

A business model, not a product, determines whether a food or beverage company makes money.

Our Business Model Optimization Reports cover all dimensions of successful food business models and come with supporting simulated pro forma financial statements with real world, sector-specific assumptions so you can develop a realistic path to financial success.

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Focus On The Topics That Affect Your Bottom Line

Business Model Optimization

Business Model Optimization

A business model, not a product, determines whether a food or beverage company makes money. We help you learn what makes a fundable business model.

Raising Capital

Raising Capital

Raising capital is a necessity at each stage of growth for food and beverage businesses. We help you learn what’s available and how to raise the capital you need.


Manufacturing decisions, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and permitting are all essential to building efficient operations. We help you navigate what’s needed so you can focus on optimizing your business model.

Sales And Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Market Research, Branding, Distribution, and Sales are all essential building profitable food companies. We help you learn the essentials so you can focus on getting profitable and raising money.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Accounting, cash flow management, and financial projections. We help you understand the key drivers of your financial performance and cash flow needs so you can ensure successful operations.



Regulations, intellectual property and entity formation decisions. We help you learn what you need to do to lay a legal foundation for success to raise money and grow your brand.